DENVER - Two inspirational dogs were in the 9NEWS studio Sunday morning along with their owners to talk about pets with disabilities and what people can do to help.

"We tend to adopt pets with disabilities and do everything we can to try to help them," said Ken Rogers from Steamboat Springs. "Seven years ago we saw a news piece about a dog that was missing his front legs and they were looking for a home for him."

Rogersand his wife took in several animals including two dogs, Kandu and Lucy, who were both missing their front legs.

"We don't think they're any different than any other dog," he said. "[Kandu] has a 'can do' attitude that nothing's going to stop him."

The dog's determined attitude inspired the Rogers to help the dogs move to their full potential.

"Once we got Kandu we started working on little devices for him," Rogers said.

Ken doesn't really have a name for the device created but he knows whatever it is, it works.

"They suddenly have more mobility than they ever have,"Rogers said.

With their new mobility, the dogs now inspire others.

"We thought 'wow wouldn't Kandu make a nice therapy animal?'" he said.

Kandu and Lucy often visit the Yampa Valley Medical Center to bring hope to the lives of others.

"It shows people if this dog can do it, you can do it too."

For more information, visit: http://www.kandu.us/kandu_story.html