FORT COLLINS - FiberLok, a Fort Collins company, is responsible for every Super Bowl patch seen over the hearts of players.

The company is used to designing and creating graphics for jerseys at high profile sporting events. They've done patches for the World Series for years.

They even did this year's Pro Bowl.

But this year's Super Bowl features new technology - and a state-of-the-art logo.

"When people see these logos they're going to wonder what that is. It has that unique look as you can see," FiberLok CEO Brown Abrams said. "The Super Bowl itself is a unique event."

Abrams says the logo isn't embroidered. Instead, it is applied with heat. Metal is even part of the logo in honor of the metal Lombardi Trophy.

"Today's one of the biggest days in the history of the company," Abrams said. "The results speak for themselves in this game we're in today."