ROCHESTER, N.Y. - A high school basketball tournament game came down to the final second, and one player's desperate attempt to beat the buzzer paid off.

Watch the video above as a player with the ball falls down just before time expires at the end of the game, tosses the ball up, and sores.

That was Bay Barley, from Rush-Henrietta High School in Rochester, N.Y. His team's game against Greece Athena High was tied at 54 when he chucked the ball while losing his balance.

Somehow, it went through the hoop and gave Rush-Henrietta the dramatic victory.

"I know that the clock was running down, so I wanted to be the one with the ball and as I fell, I knew to keep my dribble so I can get back up, and I got back up; I was ready to shoot the ball," Barley said.