KUSA - Fans are gearing up for more Broadway drama as Smash hits the airwaves for its new season premiere on Tuesday. The series shows the off-stage drama of the cast and crew as they create and rehearse Broadway musicals.

Smash star Megan Hilty, who plays the fiery blonde songstress Ivy Lynn, says fans can expect double the drama because this season will feature not one, but two musicals on the show.

"There's lot of big changes, lots of new faces and new musicals and a lot of new music in general," Hilty said. "There's a good three or four songs per episode, so there's a lot of music."

The Marilyn Monroe-inspired Bombshell musical, the focus of Smash's first season, will be sharing the stage with a new musical called Hit List, which will feature more rock-pop styles of music.

One new face on Smash will be familiar to many of the show's viewers. Dreamgirls alum Jennifer Hudson will be featured in three of the first four episodes. Hilty says Hudson was fun to have on set.

"It was really something to hear [her voice] up close," Hilty said. "She's just really kind and generous. She brought a great energy to set."

Viewers can also expect to see some other changes in the show's sophomore year. Executive producer Neil Meron says he paid attention to the criticism that the show received last season. One adjustment, Meron says, includes nixing the many scarves that Debra Messing's character, Julia, wore throughout season one.

"The first [change] that comes to mind is the scarves," Meron said. "[Also] there were certain story lines that were kind of pinpointed that you would say, 'Right. They could be a little more impactful.'"

Viewers can tune in for Smash's second season Tuesday Feb. 5 at 9/8c on NBC.

Rose Heaphy contributed to this article.