KUSA - A woman from Lakewood says she's a straight-line descendent of King Richard III, whose remains were recently discovered beneath a parking lot in England.

Anna Lee Frohlich, of Lakewood, says she's the 17th great niece of King Richard III. She says she wouldn't have even known she was related to the king if not for an article she wrote about her father in the Colorado Gambler.

"They found him through my column and it had my email in it," Frolich said of her relatives in England, who contacted her to see if her DNA was a match.

She says she's descended from Ann of York, the sister of Richard. Holding up a chart, she can trace her lineage over 500 years though the woman in her family.

Frohlich said she's aware of a funeral that will be held in early 2014 for the king, but she's not sure if she's going to make the trip to England.