KUSA -The little Clydesdale foal that appeared inBudweiser's popular Super Bowl ad is getting a name. Budweiser asked its Twitter followers and Facebook friends for naming help.

Budweiser had already posted the original version of this commercial called "Brotherhood" on their official website and on YouTube before the Super Bowl and had asked fans to name the newest Clydesdale foal.

She made her debut at the beginning of the commercial and at the time of filming, was only seven days old. Her name is now "Hope," chosen by Budweiser from over 50,000 fan-suggested names.

Jeff Knapper, Anheuser-Busch's general manager of Clydesdales operations, revealed the name on 9NEWS 5 a.m. from Warm Springs Ranch, a 300-acre breeding facility for the Clydesdales in Boonville, Missouri.

Knapper says the name Hope reflected the optimistic nature of the Super Bowl spot, which ranked number one on USA Today's Ad Meter.