KUSA - A growing decorating trend called techorating is generating a lot of buzz. The term is the blending of modern technology with the art of decorating to create a functional, yet stylish environment.

Technology and design expert Janna Robinson was with us on 9NEWS 8 a.m.

"The beauty of techorating is that anyone can incorporate cool, up-to-date electronics into their interior if they have the right technology," said Robinson. "It's important to say 'goodbye clutter' and 'hello technology' while remaining true to your own style."

Top Techorating Tips

No matter the size of the room or living space that is techorated, Robinson recommends following these important guidelines:

•Choose the right size TV: To determine the optimal screen size for your room, use this simple calculation: determine how far you wish to sit from the screen, divide that number in half and that's your ideal screen size (remember to do this based on the diagonal not the width). If you already have a screen and want to figure out how far to sit away from it, than double the diagonal.

•Find the best TV position: Your TV picture will look best when viewed head on, so try and position your seating so you are eye-level with the center of the screen. Generally, make sure the center of your TV screen is mounted approximately 42- to 52-inches from the floor.

•Achieve the best sound quality: If you have bare walls, floors, hardwood furniture and windows, then you might want to add an area rug and curtains to help absorb the sound, otherwise it will sound "echoey" and bright. Conversely, if your room has wall-to-wall carpeting, heavy curtains and lots of furniture, try adding some bookshelves or even hung art to help break up the sound waves. Ideally, you want a mixture of different surfaces and materials to ensure the best sound quality.

•Create depth with darker paint: Painting the wall behind your TV a darker color
(like a chocolate brown) will not only help with distracting glares, but accent walls are trending and can give the illusion of depth in your space.

•Hide messy wires: Some furniture manufacturers make cool and trendy pieces designed to house components and have special channels to hide wires. Wireless AV-to-HDTV adapters wirelessly connect your home theater equipment to your TV. It's ideal for wall-mounted TVs and allows you to store devices up to 100 feet away.

•Give everyone a good view: Try and arrange the seating so everyone has a good view of the screen. Sectionals provide flexible seating configurations and are great options for media rooms. If you have a smaller space, bean bags and floor pillows are fun, comfortable and inexpensive options to provide more seating. They're also easily stowable when not in use.
"Don't make technology an afterthought; think about how you can seamlessly integrate into your space. That's really what techorating is all about. The idea is for it to meld into the background, not overpower the room," Robinson added.

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