KUSA - A Colorado woman was one of the thousands of people taking cover has a massive tornado tore through Mississippi On Sunday.

Shelby Schacher is a junior at Southern Mississippi University. She is originally from Lone Tree.

"My lights went out, so I went into my bathtub," Schacher said. "I didn't know where the tornados were, but I just figured I'd rather be safe than sorry. The tornados hit only about five minutes away from me."

After the storm had passed her area, Schacher said getting out still wasn't much of an option.

"We had to actually turn around because there were trees in the road," she said. "Part of the gas station had come up off the ground - where the gas pumps are - and landed in the middle of the road. There are cars that were thrown to the side, the street lights were bent in half."

Schacher said her apartment complex did not have any damage, but items outside were blown around.