KUSA - A new Valentine's Day poll finds that the average American couple will be dedicating $226 to Feb. 14 festivities and gifts this year. senior editor Trae Bodge says That's a sharp change in tune from last year's Valentine's Day, when a majority of Americans in relationships said they intended to spend only $100 or less on their significant other.

The new poll also broke down Valentine's Day wish lists for men and women.

*Men are planning to spend much more money than women ($287 vs. $164) on their significant others this Valentine's Day

*If money was no object, however, almost one third of men and women (28 percent) would give their partners a luxury vacation for Valentine's Day.

*Back in the real world, men would like to receive a meal (28 percent) or event tickets (19 percent) from their partners this Valentine's Day, while women would opt for jewelry (24 percent), a trip (18 percent) or flowers (14 percent).

*Women and men are aligned in their giving and receiving this year. Five in 10 women (51 percent) are likely to gift a meal or tickets and four in ten men (41 percent) will give jewelry and flowers.