KUSA - Traditional advertising vehicle wraps have been around for a while, but there is now a new way to call attention to to your product, service or cause.

Lighted Vehicle Wraps

We showed a few examples of a new line of lighted vehicle wraps in the 9NEWS Garage.They come from acompany called Gammabrite. This technology is so newthat the issue of distracting drivers hasn't really come up. Gammabrite tells drivers to keepthe wrapssteadily illuminated while in transit.
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Powerbag Messenger Charging System

This messenger bag comes complete with an on-board removable battery with built-in PowerVine Systemand delivers acharge directly to where it's neededl. It's got enough juice to charge the average smartphone four times.

Easily accessible pockets include dedicated Apple and M2 connectors with micro and mini USBs that allow you to charge Android, Blackberry, and thousands of other portable devices. Apple connectors charge your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
The full-sized internal USB port allows you to charge almost anything.

Battery can be charged easily in or out of the bag with the included AC adaptor.

iBolt Bike Dock

This gadget keeps your smartphone accessible and protected on any handlebar: bike, motorcycle even a stroller. You still have touch screen functionality while its in the protective case.
It's weather proof and you have a choice of pink or blue.

Rock On Game

Rock Onis a geology game of brains and sheer determination.
It was created right here in Colorado by a mom who invented the game for her son's birthday party two years ago.
She found some rocks on her ranch, outside Boulder.
It's the #1 selling geology game on Amazon. Retails for $25.