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Question #1
I have had a searing pain that radiates from my hip down my leg and across my shin and the top of my foot. It hurts more when I step down on my foot. Ibuprofen takes the edge off only. Is this something that should be looked into right away, or can it wait Thank you! Susan

This pain seems most likely associated with a nerve type issue. One thought is sciatica. This is a nerve pain that affects the large nerve coming out of the back and down the leg. Other issues that might cause this type of pain include a herniated or bulging disc in the back or other type of nerve impingement. Another thought is muscular pain, especially if the pain follows a work out or heavy work load and seems to worsen with certain movements. Rest, ibuprofen and warm packs can sometimes help with this type of pain. If the pain doesn't improve relatively quickly then your doctor can order an MRI of the back to see if any nerve issues are present. If so then therapy or surgical correction might be needed.

Question #2
Dear Dr. John, If a person is turning pale white almost every day is there something wrong? They have no other symptoms. Sincerely, Chris

Turning pale white is a sign that can be difficult to interpret. Often times the diagnosis does depend on other symptoms. Your skin color can vary in shades depending on how the skin blood vessels react to outside stimuli. If those vessels dilate, or open up, then the skin will flush. If those blood vessels start to close down, then the skin can turn pale. If no other symptoms are noted than it could be a normal reaction to those outside stimuli like cold temperature, stress or even standing up too quickly. On the other hand, if there are other symptoms presents, like pain, lightheadedness, swelling, than other issue could be at work. Anemia, long term illness and blood flow issues could all cause paleness of the skin. If other symptoms are present testing to rule out serious causes is probably in order.

Question #3
Dr. John~ Hi, I am female; I have been getting very nauseous every time I eat. While reading things online, many people with similar issues have gone to the doctor and the doctors are unsure of what is wrong. It is getting frustrating because I am hypoglycemic and get very hungry but I am afraid to eat anything. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Tori

There is a long list of issues that could cause eating difficulties. Some of these are mild, some are more serious. Some of the more mild ones include eating too fast, excess stress or nervousness or simply having too much caffeine or even chocolate during the day. Smoking and too much alcohol can also cause the stomach to have difficulty processing food. Other more serious issues to consider include reflux disease or the presence of a peptic, or stomach, ulcer. Gallbladder and pancreas issues can also bring on this nausea, especially if it happens after eating. Like other medical issues, looking at other symptoms associated with the nausea might give a clue. Pain, bloating or heartburn can all help direct the type of testing that needs to be done. Another condition to consider is stomach cancer. Each year stomach cancer affects around 21, 000 here in the US and unfortunately around 15, 000 die from it. Although stomach cancer doesn't happen often smoking doubles your chances of getting it. The best way to rule this out, especially if the nausea continues and other symptoms start up is to have an evaluation by a gastroenterologist. Using a device called an endoscopy they can look directly at the stomach and take any biopsies needed to fully evaluate this condition.