AURORA - The family of Aurora theater shooting victim A.J. Boik attended the State of the Union Tuesday night. On Wednesday, Boik's mom and uncle met with lawmakers, including Colorado Senator Michael Bennet.

They say Bennet is committed to a bill pushing universal background checks. They say they want all lawmakers to take action and to not just talk about action.

"We are demanding that they do something," A.J.'s mom said. "We are optimistic that things will change and that we're moving in the right direction. We need to make our streets safer for our families, for our children. This has happened way too much in Colorado, and our politicians need to get off their rear ends and do something. Make a difference here because things have got to change."

Through this difficult process, A.J.'s mom says she feels his presence looking down on her.

"[A.J.'s] probably doing one of his neat, little happy dances right now," A.J.'s mom said. "He's always been one to encourage. He's right here with me, and he's with his Uncle David too. He's always been encouraging to me - even when he was a little boy - to just keep my chin up and get out there and do stuff."