KUSA - Gregg Moss kicked off a new morning show series about the hottest Colorado startups by taking a look at three companies that fell into one of three categories.

1. Crushing it! -- These are companies that are doing well, growing fast, hiring, and have lots of buzz in the startup world.

2. Newest of the New -- You probably haven't heard of these, but they have some interesting technology, strategy, or team members that make them worth a look.

3. Colorado's Own -- A company that's known far and wide, but not necessarily well known here at home.

Here are the first three:

SendGrid is a clear case of a company that's "Crushing It!" SendGrid makes it possible for computers to send emails, and to make sure they get through. If you use Pinterest or FourSquare, or one of thousands of other services that send you an email, your email actually got delivered by SendGrid. The company has grown so fast that it's now sending about one percent of all the email in the world that gets sent. That's a lot of email!

You may have also noticed their sign in Larimer Square. They just opened a big new office right upstairs from The Market, and they are hiring lots of good, technical talent to fill up that office, and their office in Boulder. It's a fun place to work, they just took their staff from all around the world for a retreat in Mexico. is the Newest of the New.

Have you ever sent an email and never heard back from the recipient? It's possible you had a typo in the email address, but the email didn't bounce back to you to let you know about that typo. Why not? Well, nobody's ever thought of sending you a courtesy note to let you know. Until now.

Scott Brown -- who has deep roots in the technology community in Louisville which has had email as a specialty for more than 10 years now -- came up with a way to have those typo'd emails bounce back to you. That email has an advertising sponsor, so people who owned what are known as "parked" domains can make a bit of extra money. Brown started with this concept just a couple of months ago, and it has great promise to grow into another winner for Brown and his team.

Speaking of wins, our Colorado's Own is A lot of people see the ads for GoDaddy at SuperBowl time, and they don't like the commercials much at all. The company itself has lots of issues. If you want to register a domain for your idea, you may want an alternative, and is just that.

The company has done very well as an alternative, growing to more than 1.5 million domains under management. People from all over the world use, some of them certainly from here in Denver and they may have walked past the offices in Cherry Creek North and not even known it.

The company is doing so well that it recently got acquired by the publicly traded Demand Media. The plans are that the team will remain, providing their trademark excellent customer service from their hip offices overlooking Second Ave.

This is the second win for CEO Bill Mushkin, who sold his first company in 2000.

Editor's Note:

These profiles were written by BlogMutt, a blog writing service. Scott Yates, founder of BlogMutt, picks the companies to be profiled. To suggest hot, tech startups for him to feature in future instalments, contact him via his blog: Scott, or better yet go and pitch to one of the startup events in Denver or Boulder, and he will probably see you there.