DENVER - A man who police say attacked his former roommate in the head with a hatchet has a new lawyer meaning discussions about a plea deal must start from scratch, 9Wants to Know has learned.

Jason Gemkow, 34, of Denver, is charged with assault after police say he hit Khaled Zaky, 22, of Denver, twice in the forehead with a hatchet.

Court records indicated a plea deal was in the works, but a Denver District Attorney's Office spokesperson said Gemkow recently got a new lawyer and any disposition talks would have to start over.

The victim says he wants to see Gemkow go to prison. He's still shaken by the incident.

"I got hit. Then I got hit again. After the second time I was like, 'Did you seriously just hit me with a hatchet,'" Zaky told 9Wants to Know Investigator Jace Larson. "I just went into complete shock. I grabbed my head. There was blood all over me. It was like a fountain of blood."

Zaky said he went to Gemkow's house near West Florida Avenue and South Mariposa Street in Denver last June. The two were former roommates and Zaky says he wanted to get a fishing pole he left at the home when he moved out.

The two fought over the fact that the fishing pole had been sold, Zaky said.

It took weeks for Zaky's head to heal. He says he now suffers from headaches and numbness where the hatchet blade hit him.

Gemkow is currently being held in Denver's Downtown Detention Center after being arrested in November. Police say he went on the run after he attacked Zaky.

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