KUSA - Young and silly. That's how some Boulder senior citizens say they feeling after doing the Harlem Shake.

A group of them, ages 60 to 100, became approximately the 100,000th group to post a Harlem Shake video on YouTube.

The Golden West Senior Living Facility in Boulder posted their Harlem Shake video on Monday.

A staffer there says the seniors are learning about viral videos as they grapple with modern technology.

"We showed them the example videos [and] they all participated and were great sports about it," Brianna Westlake said. "Then after they saw the final product they were all just thrilled with how it came out. [They are] just a fun-loving group of seniors."

Westlake said some seemed to enjoy watching it even more than performing.

"They watch it and they think it's hilarious," Westlake said. "But, one of the comments from one of the residents was 'they're going to think this is a mental institution.' They were giggling and laughing and some of them wanted to watch it again and again."

The facility provides the seniors opportunities to learn about pop culture and new technology.

"We've done Facebook seminars and Twitter seminars," Westlake said. "And the ones that do grab on to that have really, really become dependent on that connection to the outside world."

Westlake says watching the seniors learn is exciting and rewarding.

The building has wi-fi and two community computers. Westlake says some of the residents are definitely hooked.

"I have just been absolutely shocked what an impact it makes when our wi-fi goes out," Westlake said. "It has become just such a staple for them in their daily routines. [They] get online to be connected to email and their families. Many of them do have Facebook pages now where they get to see their family pictures."