KUSA - For one full school year, Lee Hirsch followed bullies and their victims in Sioux City, Iowa. He turned it into an award-winning documentary.

"The movie has helped to catalyze the conversation. [It] has helped to really galvanize people's feelings," director Lee Hirsch said.

Hirsch visited Colorado in September 2012 to speak about the documentary and how it can help teachers and parents deal with bullying.

The Facing History and Ourselves Project brought Hirsch to Denver to meet with hundreds of students, parents, teachers, and administrators for a free screening of the movie and a community discussion on how to address the issue of bullying in every school. Hirsch calls it "The Bully Project."

"This is not about just seeing the movie. This is about engaging," Hirsch said. "How that lives beyond that surprises us every single time we do one of these events."

Jen Derosby is a teacher at the Girls Athletic Leadership School in Denver. The all-girls charter school is sending eight teachers to the event at the L2 Arts and Cultural Center Wednesday night as a form of training.

"I feel creating a safe environment is maybe the most important role of a teacher," Derosby said.

Faith Adams is a seventh-grade student at the G.A.L.S school. She says dealing with bullying is not easy.

"It's hard to be a bystander and go tell an adult," Faith said.

That's what Hirsch's film is about. He says showing it and discussing the frustrations surrounding bullying can may be spark some change in every classroom in Colorado.

"They're revisiting it a week later and a month later, and it becomes part of the fabric of the school," Hirsch said.

Derosby hopes she can learn a lesson from the documentary.

"I think it's critical for our own education to understand what's going on in the world, how other schools and teachers are handling it," Derosby said.

Filmmaker started a website with resources to help parents and bullied children here, or a hotline you can call to learn more, 1-888-885-1222.

The documentary was recently released on DVD and can be purchased on Amazon: