KUSA - A Dakota Ridge High School senior lost her class ring in January and thought she would never see it again. However, a fellow Coloradan brought a smile to her face when she returned it.

Madison Caron lost her ring when she went to see a performance of "War Horse" in downtown Denver. She didn't realize her ring was gone until later in the day.

" I was sitting at dinner after the play, and I looked down, and I realized I had lost my ring," Caron said. "We had no idea where I lost it - if it was before the play [or] in the parking lot at dinner -we had no idea."

The class ring was later delivered to Madison in class with a nice note to wish her well on the completion of her senior year. The letter read, "Best wishes as you begin to plan and think about your bright future. We hope you have a happy day, and that you will enjoy your graduation day with your class ring on your finger."

Madison received the package from a group of women who were sitting in the same section of the "War Horse" showing as Madison, her godmother, mom and sister.

"I was ecstatic. I didn't know if I should cry or do what. I was just really glad that I found it," Caron said.

After receiving such a kind gesture from strangers, Madison wants to pay it forward by passing on random acts of kindness to other Coloradans. She passed on her first kind deed a few weeks ago at Starbucks.

"A guy's credit card wasn't working, and so me and my friends just pulled some money together and paid for his coffee," Caron said.

Madison will graduate from Dakota Ridge High School with her class ring on her finger. Then, she will continue her education at Colorado State University next fall.