PORTLAND, Ore. - An 11-year-old girl is in serious condition after she was set on fire in her hospital bed. Investigators believe hand sanitizer may have played a role in the Feb. 2 fire.

Ireland Lane ran into the hallway of the Portland Children's Hospital when the front of her shirt became engulfed in flames without warning. She was making crafts for her nurses when the fire started.

Authorities believe the cause of the fire was the combination of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and static electricity.

The last thing Ireland recalls the day of the incident is rubbing hand sanitizer on the tray table over her bed. Her father recalled Ireland playing with the sheets on her hospital bed earlier that day, creating static electricity.

The flames covered 20 percent of her body, leaving Ireland with third-degree burns just above her belly button and all the way up to her chin. She also burned parts of her arms, the bottom of her earlobes and some of her hair.

Ireland's dad was asleep at the time of the fire but woke up immediately when she ran into the hallway. He jumped on his daughter to put out the flames.

"She still has bad dreams, but she doesn't recall the actual incident, which from my perspective is very good," Ireland's father Stephan Lane told The Oregonian.

By: Elle Mohs