LAKEWOOD - Take three dollars and two quarters and you'll get about one gallon of gas this week.

Gas prices are up anywhere from 40 to 70 cents in a month across the nation. In Colorado, it is much the same story.

The prices can be shocking, especially when they were below $2 a gallon at stations across the metro last month.

"I really don't like it," Dominique Friend said as she put $5 in her Jeep at the U Pump it Store in Lakewood. "It's not payday yet."

Friend longs for the days she can fill up her Jeep knowing she can actually get somewhere.

"Now it's like, 'Oh, I can't go here on this day, but the next day when I get paid I can totally do that,'" she said.

The past two months, for every vehicle that's pulled into many gas stations around the country there may be another bicycle rider in the making.

"I pull a trailer, and I haven't pulled that much, because it's too expensive," Karl Bendele said.

But consider just two years ago. Gas was actually cheaper at a time when President Obama's then Chief of staff talked about tapping the nation's oil reserves.

Or should we even bring up 1998, when gas was .93 cents a gallon.

DU Professor Ron Rizzuto says gas prices will go down.

"In 30 days we might see it come down some," he said.

Some long for the days of .93 cents even 3.27 as prices get closer historic high levels.

"I kind of have to budget my money a lot more," Friend said