YUMA - Conditions along the Eastern Plains are so bad right now, forecasters and farmers say it's shaping up to be a dryer season than 2012.

It was around this time last year when the Heartstrong Fire broke out near Yuma.

The fire consumed more than 24,000 acres of land in a 38-mile-radius. Three structures were destroyed.

One of the structures was Florence Pletcher's home.

Pletcher lived in the home for 73 years. Her husband George lived with her until he passed away three years ago.

"It would have just killed him to see it," Florence Pletcher said.

Pletcher lost everything, including her wedding ring, family heirlooms and photos.

"I only walked away with the clothes on my back," she said.

Pletcher is 95 years old. She's currently staying in a home owned by her granddaughter.

Pletcher's son is a farmer and says conditions in the fields are terrible right now.

"We're drier this time than we were last year," Florence's son Marvin Pletcher said.

Marvin Pletcher is hoping this week's snowstorm will help ease the dry conditions. For now, he's concerned the dry windy weather will make things as bad as they were last year.