KUSA - A group of men who stole more than 50 billion dollars worth of diamonds seem to have vanished, along with the stones.

In Belgium, the heist was so quickly and efficiently executed that investigators suspect it was an inside job.

Heavily armed and masked thieves broke through a fence at the Brussels Airport in two vehicles, drove onto the tarmac, grabbed the diamonds from the cargo hold of a plane and sped off.

Belgium police are searching for clues. But some experts warn the diamonds may have already vanished into the black market.
The heist has some wondering about what would happen if your diamond jewelry was lost or stolen. 9NEWS asked a local diamond expert if it was possible to track your diamonds and get them back.

Susi Altman, with Hyde Park Jewelers in Denver, said some diamonds are actually laser inscribed with a series of numbers that can be found on the edge, or 'girdle' of the stone.
Forevermark diamonds are also inscribed in a unique way. They have an inscription in the 'heart' of the diamond. It's a feature that offers peace of mind for some consumers.

"I think that it would be much easier, or have a better chance of locating a diamond that's inscribed," Altman said. "if it were to show up in a pawn shop, or if somebody were selling a diamond online and it had been reported to police that it was stolen, there are lots of leads that would trace back to that diamond."
Altman says that not all diamonds are inscribed. However, she said any diamond can be laser inscribed. There is an extra cost associated with having the stones marked.

Those interested in inscription of an unmarked diamond can simply send the stone to a gemological institute to have it marked.