KUSA - This edition of Gadgets includes something truly amazing. The 3Doodle pen works just like a handheld 3D printer.

3Doodle Pen

A built-in heater melts colorful plastic beads at soldering iron temperatures. You draw normally, then lift the pen into the air where a length of the plastic solidifies, allowing you to create 3D objects.

A tiny fan inside the pen cools the plastic. This was developed by a startup using crowdfunding. The creators at WobbleWorks are hoping this gadget will be on the market later this year.


SensuBrush isfor use on touchscreens with drawing apps. It features patent-pending synthetic hair which feels like an artist's brush, but it's made with copper to make it activate on screens.

The bristles are flexible, strong and offer resistance so you can adapt the brush to different paint mediums and surfaces. The protective cap becomes the handle for the brush when in use.

ACase Black Diamond III

Acase's Black DiamondIII ambient wireless speaker might look like just anotherweird Bluetooth speaker, butwhen you take a closer look you'll discover a device that will also light up your room in a fixed or flowing color.

The Black DiamondIII is diamond-shaped and it sparks and glitters with an LED light inside. You have the option ofkeying the light to the beat of the music.

The speaker iscompatible with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S phones, and just about everything that supports Bluetooth. The speaker has 3W output and also comes with a remote control that tucks into a nifty notch in the back. You can also hook up non-Bluetooth devices via an audio out port.

Rodeo Themed Babywear

Becky's darling daughter, Hannah Ditchfield,modeled off some new rodeo themed babywear that's just perfect for those budding little baby Colorado cowpokes. makes theserodeo-themed creepers. Theycome in Barrel Racer, Bull Rider, and Bronco Rider versions, three to six months up to 7T.