KUSA- If you are one of the 100 million Americans living with some type of chronic or lasting pain, there may finally be a solution.

One in three Americans suffer from some kind of chronic pain - with lower back pain being the most common. Pain medication can bring temporary relief but may not be the most effective nor healthy way to get rid of the pain.

Sue Hitzmann is a nationally-recognized educator on what is called the Melt Method. Hitzmann has studied connective-tissue science, which shows that the main cause of chronic pain is repetitive movements and postures.

"Connective tissue is kind of like a sponge. When it's hydrated, it's flexible [and] it's buoyant. But for most of us, because of the repetitive postures like sitting, it gets dried out. Our joints get stiff; our body starts to break down; our nervous system gets out of balance, and then you just feel exhausted all day," Hitzmann said.

This type of dehydration cannot be helped by drinking more water but rather by getting the fluid moving in the tissues. The Melt Method uses a soft body roller and small balls that are designed to feel like a gentle massage. You can roll the soft ball between your hands and under your feet to get fluids moving throughout the connective tissues.

"If you feel like you want to stay athletic or just move around without pain, the thing that we're missing is working with soft tools to restore the fluid state of the connective tissue," Hitzmann said. "At home, 10 minutes a day. That's all it takes."

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Morgan Aguilar contributed to this report.