KUSA- Careful In-N-Out, Colorado residents no longer need to drive to Utah to have an award-winning burger. Crave Real Burgers in Castle Rock has been named one of the top 25 burger joints in the country.

Crave Real Burgers opened in 2010 and has since expanded to Colorado Springs and Highlands Ranch. Since opening day, they have sold nearly 330,000 burgers.

KUSA reporters Amelia Earhart and Gregg Moss spoke with co-owner and top chef Jeff Richard about the key to their success.

"We just try to have fun. We try to do something different. We use donuts for buns; we use pizza for buns; we use grilled cheese sandwiches for buns," Richard said.

Richard brought in three of their top-selling burgers, including No. 1 - The Jalapeno Popper - and the Luther. The Luther is most well-known for using donuts as buns.

"Luther Vandross was the singer/songwriter who kind of came up with this concept, and then we changed it to fit Crave," Richard said.

Despite having no idea how these original combinations would be received, Crave Real Burgers' success is proving to be worth the risk. A trip to one of their restaurants may not be the healthiest, but it will definitely be entertaining.

"We're a go for it restaurant. We're not a first-date restaurant," Richard said.

To check out their full menu and restaurant locations visit their website at

Morgan Aguilar contributed to this report.