AURORA - 9Wants to Know has learned a high school math teacher, who sparked national controversy with her Twitter page, will not face criminal charges related to possession of drugs on campus.

Carly McKinney, also known as "Carly Crunk Bear," indicated in one of her tweets that she had marijuana in her car in the staff parking lot at Overland High School.

Aurora Police say they did look into the claims to determine whether any laws were broken, but they could not substantiate the tweets or find any evidence of any crime.

The Carly Crunk Bear Twitter page included half-naked photos of the teacher, comments about getting stoned and admissions that she was tweeting instead of doing her job.

The Cherry Creek School District put McKinney on administrative leave in January while they investigated whether she violated any school policies. It's unclear when the district will make a final decision on the future of her job.

McKinney told 9Wants to Know she created the Twitter account with a friend intending it to be comical, and McKinney said her friend posted the raciest tweets.

McKinney took down the Twitter account after her full identity was exposed, but she reemerged a few days later as @Carly_McKinney. In her tweets, she thanks her fans and promotes freedom of speech.