DENVER - Snow is a welcome sight in Colorado because of the lack of moisture, but for a lot of folks the recent snowfall isn't enough.

Some farmers say they will not be planting corn this year because they don't expect the crop to make it through the summer. As an alternative, some farmers will be planting Sudan grass to try and make up for their costs.

Fire conditions are still a pressing concern. On Sunday, Colorado was under a Red Flag Warning and many fire departments reported seeing fires along the side of roadways because of things like cigarette butts.

The entire Front Range and Eastern Plains has seen major wildland fire potential throughout February. Brendan Finnegan with West Metro fire says the snow won't make much of a difference.

"This snow will be great for as long as it sticks around in the metro area, the foot hills, the Eastern Plains. We need this snow plus multiple days of this type of weather to keep relative humidity up and to keep the moisture content high in those fuels," Finnegan said.

The lack of snow pack is a problem for Denver Water. The department gets its water from runoff and right now reservoirs are ten percent below where they should be. Last summer, Denver water issued a stage 1 drought and encouraged people to limit water use.

Unless more snow makes its way to Colorado soon, Denver Water spokesperson Travis Thompson says customers will likely be under a stage 2 drought by spring.

"We are determining what a stage 2 drought would look like for our customers this summer. What mandatory restrictions will be needed to get us through the rest of the summer," Thompson said.

The restrictions could include more serious limits on watering lawns. Even though customers aren't under at stage 2 drought, the department encourages people to conserve as much water as possible.