KUSA- We want you to join in on our social conversation as the the snow moves into Colorado.

9News Storm Team:We also want you to join the 9News Storm Team by video chatting with us! If you have a Skype account, you can add us as a contact at kusa.denver and if you have a Google Chat Account, you can add us at 9newskusa. Set your web camera up at a window to show us your snow conditions. We may use your cameras during the news.

9News Non Patio Furniture Photo Challenge:We get a lot of photos of snowy patio furniture and we are ready for some new content! When you send us your photos, find a new and creative way to measure the snow depth. Your dog's legs, your ski poles? What great photos can you share to tell our snow story in one simple picture?

Twitter Hashtags: We will be using the hashtags #9wx, #snowcommute and #9wxVine on Twitter to pass along school closings, weather and traffic information. By searching and using these two hashtags, others will be able to see, share and interact with your posts.

Facebook: We will be posting photos, weather updates, closings and traffic information on our Facebook page. We invite you to share you snow photos on our Facebook wall.

Vine Videos #9wxVine: Use the video Twitter app to show the snow conditions around you. Tweet the video using the hashtag #9wxVine. We may use your videos on the news!

Add your pictures: Upload your snow photos to the "Photos of a powerful February storm" Gallery:

Feb. 2013 Colorado Snow Storm Map: Add your snow report, photos or videos to the below map:

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