KUSA - 9Wants to Know has enlisted the help of experts to answer your questions about sextortion. We will be chatting online during two Google+ hangouts on Wednesday.

9News viewers can submit their questions about online sex predators, sextortion crimes and internet privacy for us to ask the experts.

At noon: Jefferson County District Attorney Investigator Mike Harris runs the Child Sex Offender Internet Investigations (CSOII) Unit, nicknamed "Cheezo", which is also the name of the program's mascot. The Cheezo Unit protects children from sex offenders through prevention programs in schools and aggressive, proactive Internet investigations.

At 2 p.m. California attorney Erica Johnstone specializes in defending people who have been harmed online. She represents plaintiffs seeking to take down or block the publication of unlawful content. She litigates online issues regarding harassment, the right to privacy, identity theft and impersonation, and defamation. She is the Co-Founder of Without My Consent, a nonprofit combating online invasions of personal privacy.

Submit your questions in these ways:

You can watch the Google+ Hangouts live by adding 9NEWS to your Circles and following our posts. The Hangouts will be recorded and available on YouTube.