KUSA - Justin Bieber can help your kids brush those pearly whites with the new Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush.

Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush

We showed the snazzy purple edition, and it features two hit singles from the Bieb. The brush has two buttons; one to brush to in the morning and one to brush to at night. Each song lasts a dentist-recommended two minutes. Learn more at

Core Pushup

This gadget is described as an excellent strength training device that increases the intensity of pushups and planks.It also maximizes upper body and core strength. The steel platform and balance ball combination create an unstable surface for a variety of exercises and difficulty ranges. Learn more at


The NuFoot is describedas revolutionary, indoor footwear for the gym. The footwearis made from sturdy neoprene.
NuFoot footwear arewaterproof, super stretchy and give you the sensation of walking barefoot with the protection of shoes.

Each pair is ergonomically designed and feature anti-skid soles.
Lots of colors to choose from. Learn more

HOPZ Leap Trainer

TheHOPZ leap trainer is a resistance training device that helps you develop explosive leg drive and key muscles in your lower body. Resistance bands quickly attach to ankle straps and belt rings. The straps have built in harnesses to keep the bands in place. Learn more

Hi-Viz Football

This is no ordinary football. You have to pay attention to color, number and letter cues to train your eyes to understand the rotation and movement of the ball. Seeing it all the way into your hands becomes second nature. Learn more