DENVER - He never set out to become one, but Michael Ferguson became a "beer geek" 23 years ago.

"It is not something that we intend to go into to make money, it is something that we can't help do because it is a passionate thing for us to do," Ferguson said.

Back then, Ferguson took a job in California brewing craft beer. He is now a brewing expert and the host of a syndicated television show entitled "Beer Geeks." The 22-week series will begin airing in September 2013.

"We've been to Southern California, we've been to the Northwest, we're here in Colorado, and we're going to the Northeast and Texas," David Page, creator of Beer Geeks," said.

Page is also the originator of the highly successful Food Network show, "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives."

The Beer Geek crew is in Colorado profiling craft brewers in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins for shows that will air this year. They will be profiling the Denver Beer Company, Great Divide Brewing Company, Avery Brewing Company, Odell Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company.

"Colorado is one of the nirvana areas for Geek Beerdom," Ferguson said. "You can't stumble and not run into a brewery here."

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Craft brewing was one of the few industries to thrive during the recession, and it continues to grow nationally.

"It is gigantic. There are 2,100 brewers. There's a thousand on the books. It is not stopping. We have the population now to support 5,000 breweries easy," Ferguson said.

"Beer Geeks" is already been picked up for this fall in major broadcasting markets including Boston, Orlando, Milwaukee and Portland, Ore.