KUSA - Some people can't resist the impulse to shop for shoes or sheets or suits. With me, it's seeds.

In just a few weeks, it will be time to scratch around in the vegetable garden and plant spring crops. I know this may sound early, but there are two sorts of vegetables. Cool season crops are frost hardy and must develop during cool spring growing conditions. Warm season crops need hot temperatures.

If you've failed in the past with some vegetables, it's likely you planted them in May instead of March. Yesterday I bought seeds of peas, radish, lettuce and spinach. I'll sow these right around Saint Patrick's Day. Cool season flowers that can also be sown soon include larkspur, love-in-a-mist, bachelor buttons and annual poppies, such as California, bread seed and corn poppies. All of these should be sown directly in the ground outside or in patio containers. April is the right time to sow root crops such as beets and carrots, as well as sweet peas and forget-me-nots.

And since I couldn't resist, I also bought seed packets of warm season annuals and vegetables to make sure I get the varieties I want. For example, I prefer compact bush-type yellow squash and cucumbers, rather than varieties that ramble all over the place.

While I was shopping, I found a new sprinkler that I just had to have. It's made by Orbit, and is called the H2O-Six Gear Drive Sprinkler. It is mounted on a sturdy tripod that up to 4 feet in height. I'm excited about this because it will make watering areas with tall plants much easier. It has 6 spray patterns, so I think it will be convenient to customize for various areas.

I also could not resist getting a basket of pink jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum). This Chinese plant blooms in late winter and spring and will perfume your entire house. The flowers are white (despite its common name) and it is a vigorous grower suitable for hanging baskets or a trellis. It is not hardy but can be vacationed outside in summer. Pink jasmine is at its peak now, so treat yourself or your office to a sweet dose of aromatherapy.

Products are available at Tagawa Gardens.