DENVER - After intense debate over four gun control bills which cleared the state House of Representatives in February, those four bills get initial hearings in Senate committees Monday.

Three other gun control bills originating in the Senate also get their very first hearing the same day. The seven bills are spread between two Senate committee meetings that both begin at 10:30 a.m.

Unlike floor debates, members of the public are welcome to testify on the record during committee hearings. Time limits may be imposed by the committee chairs.

Audio broadcasts of the hearings will be available here,

The seven measures represent all but one of the eight bills announced by Democratic leaders.

Rep. Beth McCann (D-Denver) has yet to introduce a bill aimed at limiting the availability of weapons to mentally ill people. That concept that is less concerning to many pro-gun Republicans, who have openly called for a focus on mental health, which they argue could help prevent mass shootings, rather than gun control.

Here's a schedule of Monday's hearings:

Monday, March 4
10:30 AM Old Supreme Court Chambers (On second floor of Capitol building)

SB13-197 by Senator(s) Hudak; also Representative(s) McCann and Fields-No Firearms For DomesticViolence Offenders:

HB13-1224 by Representative(s) Fields; also Senator(s) Hodge-Prohibiting Large-capacity AmmunitionMagazine:

SB13-196 by Senator(s) Morse; also Representative(s) Fields-Assault Weapon Responsibility Act:

SB13-195 by Senator(s) Tochtrop; also Representative(s) May-No On-line Training For ConcealedHandgun Permits:

Monday, March 4
10:30 AM SCR 356 (on third floor of Capitol building)

HB13-1229 by Representative(s) Fields and McCann; also Senator(s) Carroll-Background Checks ForGun Transfers:

HB13-1228 by Representative(s) Court; also Senator(s) Heath-Payment For Background Checks For GunTransfers:

HB13-1226 by Representative(s) Levy; also Senator(s) Heath-No Concealed Carry At Colleges: