DENVER - When it's warm outside you might be tempted to leave your car windows cracked. But police say the number one issue right now for officers in Denver is car break-ins. Since January, the department has worked more than 1,000 cases. Police say that if the rate continues, the city could soon see epidemic numbers.

Denver police Lt. Vince Gavito says the hardest hit areas tend to fluctuate, but they've been seeing an influx of break-ins in the Five Points area and Washington Park.

Police have been conducting a saturation patrol throughout those areas trying to catch criminals. The items Gavito says are most likely to be stolen are things like iPads, cell phones, and other electronic devices because they can be resold on the black market.

Two weeks ago, police were conducting a saturation patrol near Larimer and 28th when they spotted a guy prowling cars. When officers approached the suspect he ran into a nearby house barricaded himself. No one was hurt, but police are using that scenario as a reminder that people are on the lookout for valuable items.

Lt. Gavito says drivers should park their cars in well lit areas and make sure their doors are locked. He says it only takes criminals a matter of seconds to break in and take off.