KUSA - The last thing most new moms are ready to do is jump into a bikini. Two Colorado moms, however, are up to the challenge.

Victoria Perkins, 29, had her first baby in 2012.

"I really had a tough recovery with my pregnancy... just walking across the street hurt."

Chris Williamson, owner and trainer of The Gym in Denver, agreed to help train the moms with circuit group workouts as well as one-on-one sessions.

"Healthy weight training so we get some lean muscle mass - cardio work in the morning so we can burn some fat," Williamson said.

Joining Perkins is 35-year-old Eva Berninzoni, a stay-at-home mom of two.

"I'm just busier now with two babies, as a priority, it just hasn't happened," said Berninzoni.

They got the scariest part out of the way first: the before pictures.

"I'm a little embarrassed. I've never been embarrassed to be in a bikini before, I am, I am today," Perkins said.

Luckily, they now have the after pictures to look forward to.
By August, Berninzoni hopes to drop 40 pounds and Perkins 55.
"I know I can do it. I'll do it," Perkins said.

They'll eventually work out six days a week, change their diets and take supplements such as Max Muscle's Emerge Fat Burner.

In August, the moms will compete in the Warrior Classic, a professional fitness and figure competition.

Spoiler alert: one of them has already lost almost 20 pounds. More updates will be posted at before August.

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Morgan Aguilar contributed to this report