KUSA - RentBits is a company with a great story: It was founded by a pretty early Google employee who cashed out, moved to Denver and started a service for apartment owners.

They help apartments get found by Google, and also makes it super easy to publish apartment listings to as many as 70 different publications.

They also scan more than 27-million apartment listings so they can help apartment owners figure out the exact sweet spot for what rent to charge.

RentBits dominates the apartment-owner side of the market so much that, to keep growing, they recently came out with a new product for apartment residents: Helping them schedule maintenance, find car pools and much more.

They are located in the Galvanize space on Speer Boulevard, and one way to tell that they are crushing it is they are hiring.

For our "Colorado's Own" company, we have Next Great Place.

The Internet, for better or for worse, has pretty much made travel agencies a thing of the past. That's led to a growing market for companies to help high-end travelers have great vacations. The one I am most impressed with is located in the Central Platte Valley near REI and is called Next Great Place. They've got plenty of venture capital investment and are showing great traction.

If you've got a bit of extra money to spend to make sure you have a fabulous and memorable vacation, be sure to check out Next Great Place.

Here's an early, but interesting company: Kapta.

If you ask employees or managers, "What's one thing you hate about work?" the most common answer is the annual review. A small Boulder company, Kapta, is fixing that problem with an online-tool set that eliminates the need for an annual review through a constant monitoring of goals. If you have 50 to 500 employees, you might want to check them out now.

There are a lot of incubators popping up, and I can really only recommend two in Colorado. First is TechStars, which was named the best in the world with good reason. They are an amazing program, and their application deadline is coming up soon.

Second is Founder Institute, which is geared to people who have a day job and want to start a business on nights and weekends. I'm a mentor there, along with many others, and they also have an application deadline coming up soon.

One other small note: Governor Hickenlooper and venture capitalists from around the country are converging for VC In the Rockies at Beaver Creek starting Tuesday. I'm pitching my company, the business writing service BlogMutt, along with about 20 others.

This post was written by Scott Yates, a serial entrepreneur, who picks the companies to be profiled. To suggest hot, tech start-ups for him to feature in future installments, contact him via his blog:, or better yet, go and pitch to one of the start-up events in Denver or Boulder, and he will probably see you there.