WALSH - Five hours away from the bright lights of Denver is a tiny community in the southeast corner of Colorado near the Oklahoma-Kansas border.

The closest stop light to Walsh, Colorado is some 70 miles away. It's the sort of town that should've died off a decade ago, but fortunately for it - Walsh has something many other small towns don't have: A man with many hats.

That man is Dr. Robert Morrow. Morrow grew up in the southeast corner of Colorado.

"I'm a Baca County boy," he joked.

Life in this corner of Colorado is quiet. Really quiet. But quite frankly, that's how the folks who live there prefer it.

"You're just one giant family in a small community," Morrow said.

Family is important to Bob Morrow. As a kid, he became a foster son to two people who taught him the importance of small town values. He's carried those values with him ever since.

In the last 20 years, Morrow has served as his town's mayor, fire captain, EMT, dentist, councilor, educator and even as the county coroner.

"He has his fingers in so many pies, I don't know how he keeps up!" one woman said inside his dental office.

Morrow is the sort of dentist who has a tough time turning anyone away, especially children. A lot of the people who live in Walsh can't afford great healthcare. Morrow tells them not to worry.

"There shouldn't a child in this community that goes untreated," Morrow said. "It's tough, financially. We pay dearly for that. We just feel morally obligated to do it. We can't turn them away".

Most dentists make a lot of money. Not Bob Morrow.

"We know we're not making millions of dollars. I'm driving a 1997 pickup. We don't care. I'm happy. And that's what's important," he said.