KUSA - A teen was killed after a car crashed into a mobile home at the Denver Meadows RV park on Sunday.

The park is on Potomac Street, near the Fitzsimmons medical campus in Aurora.

A male passenger in the car, 13-year-old Noe Gonzalez, was killed. Sources tell 9NEWS he was a North Middle School student. There were a total of four people in the car, all under the age of 17.

Aurora police say the unlicensed driver, 16-year-old Monica Gonzalez, was practicing 'J-turns,' which they described as a maneuver that turns the car 180 degrees and engaging the emergency brake.

The driver is in critical condition. She and the deceased victim are siblings, according to Aurora police.

Two other passengers in the car, Arturo Martinez and Luis Luna Robles, both 16, were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.