BOULDER- Linebacker Derrick Webb doesn't look anything like wide receiver Jabari Carr. The latter is a twin and scored a touchdown in each of the last three games. The former isn't his long lost sibling and he led the team in tackles.

Yet, new Colorado football coach Mike MacIntyre almost mistook one from the other.

"I'm out here making sure I remember everybody's name," MacIntyre said half jokingly after the Buffs first day of spring practice. Both student athletes wear the No.1 and the new coach joked about the possible confusion between the two. Carr will be a senior for San Jose State, Webb is returning to the Colorado program as a leader of their defense.

There is a lot to take in for the new coach, including putting the faces to the names of the entire program, but it's something he should have foreseen coming. It's a menial task, like a teacher proctoring roll on the first day of class, and one MacIntyre, who has all the names pretty much down by now, doesn't mind doing.

"It's been a blast. The kids are great," the head coach said.

Neither side, the players nor this is new head coach is ready to gauge the ability of this team based during the course of this inaugural practice. They are feeling each other out, getting in as many repetitions on the field and off of it to learn each other's tendencies and their compatibility. MacIntyre has simplified it, for the first couple days at least.

"We're looking at them all closely, and that is not a coachism," admitted MacIntyre. The depth chart, at this point, is solely based off seniority, nothing more. "We're watching every position closely and letting them all compete. Everyone is getting a lot of reps and that is helps them to be able to compete."

That's what the new coach,and his new program will rely on until they can fully start working in the system; competition and repetition. "We didn't have a lot in, of course, but they flew around. They were trying to play fast, working hard and communicating," MacIntyre said.

"It was pretty intense. I like how competitive we were today," said wide receiver Paul Richardson. The junior to be is not only learning to adjust to a new coach but also to the game of football again. He missed the entire season last year due to a torn knee ligament. "The coaches got us fired up and made sure we were hustling around."

MacIntyre and the Buffs will continue to practice, the spring game is scheduled for mid-April, as they become more comfortable with their surroundings, the new system and even each others names.