DENVER - A local car wash says it's safe to put any Jeep through a full service car wash.

Last week, we told you that Waterway Carwash locations in Denver , and across the country, are no longer washing Jeep Cherokees and Jeep Grand Cherokees - model year 2010 and older.

The company said it's due to dangerous and costly incidents.

While there are reports of some Jeeps suddenly accelerating in car washes all over the web, there are also reports of other vehicles doing the same thing.

A spokesperson with local Finish Line Car Wash says it can happen to any vehicle, but he respects Waterway's decision.

"If that's what they [Waterway] think, then that's what they need to do," Stits said. "If that's what they truly believe. I just don't have the same belief."

"I have not had that experience with Jeeps doing that any more than any other make of vehicle," Stits said. "It could happen with a Jeep. It could happen with a van. It could happen with any SUV [and] any sedan."

He says human error is always a possibility.

"I've noticed when you wash a Jeep, or when we start a Jeep, the idle may climb higher than other vehicles [and] other makes of cars," Stits said. "So, I think that if you put a car in drive and the idle is climbing, you may think it's going to take off on you, and maybe that can lead to a situation where the driver may react - or over react to that situation."

Stits says that's why employee training is so important.

"If you handle a car well [and] if you put your foot on the brake properly before you put it in drive or in gear, any issues like that can usually be avoided."

He says even floor mats can come into play.

"Most of the issues that we've seen with cars that may take off when you're not expecting them to, it's usually because a floor mat is over the accelerator pedal, or wedged between the brake and the gas," Stits said. "In that situation somebody gets caught off guard because they have their foot on the brake and the car seems like it's going to take off. That's usually when accidents occur."

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