ENGLEWOOD - When school grades come out, it will look like Englewood High School kids can't do math. But that explanation doesn't quite add up.

Two teachers mistakenly gave the TCAP math test to a small group of 9th graders on the wrong day, prior to the rest of their peers. Due to the possibility the bulk of the students could have learned about the test material ahead of time, their scores were invalidated.

The decision by the Colorado Department of Education will not impact students' GPA standing but will be a black eye for the district's school grades.

"There's just no good spin you can put on the significant consequences for a district our size," Ewert said. "All across the system there's a ripple effect."

Ewert said the teachers involved will face some type of "appropriate" consequence, but he lauded their honesty in self-reporting the mistake.

"They could have tried to cover it up. They didn't," Ewert said. "Regardless of the consequence, we will model moral and ethical behavior. And we did."

The State Department of Education says it will work with the district to compile unofficial data so the district and families will know how students would have scored.

"Those results tell us how we're doing and what we need to do to make corrections to the system," Ewert said. "When something like this happens, it really is a sickening feeling."