CRESTED BUTTE - A back-country skier was swept up in a minor avalanche slide near Crested Butte and caught it all on camera.

Chris Miller is a freelance photographer artist. He's lived in Crested Butte the last three years. In mid-February, he and a buddy were out skiing along the Ruby Range on Mt. Owen when Miller accidentally triggered a slide.

The slide was only about 8" to 10" deep, but it carried him down about 60 feet.

"We were confident the snow pack up there would hold. We've done a lot of skiing up there and digging around," Miller said.

Miller's friend is avalanche forecaster and Miller is well experienced with back country conditions. But sometimes, even the best experts can't predict the uncertainty of Mother Nature.

Luckily for Miller, the slide died off after about 1,500 feet.

Miller did what anyone with experience would do to try and prevent themselves from sliding further. It is experience and knowledge that can make all the difference in a situation like this. Afterward, Miller and his buddy skied back down.

"Below it [the slide], it was protected from the wind. So it was actually great skiing all the way down," Miller said.

Read more about Chris Millers' experience on his website