KUSA - Forecasters want Colorado residents to be on the lookout for fires and flash floods this season.

This week is Colorado Wildfire and Flood Safety Awareness Week. Forecasters say there is a dual threat in 2013 because of the lack of snow. Colorado has already seen this play out with the Galena Fire burning in Larimer County.

Drought is an issue throughout the state, and experts warn that wildfires will not be the only result.

"All these fires we've had in the last couple of years become areas where we can have a quick and possibly devastating flash flood, so anybody living in these areas need to be especially vigilant, and if they see a thunderstorm dropping heavy rain have a plan to go to high ground. Get away from where waters will collect," warning coordination meteorologist Bob Glancy spoke said.

Threat of flash flooding is not exclusive to burn areas. Cherry Creek is notorious for flooding quickly following heavy rain.

Glancy said the snow pack this year is at 70 percent of normal. They are worried about fire issues and flash floods on the tender ground of recently burned areas.

"There almost certainly will be more fires. Anyone who lives in [a more open space or mountain] area - look at your roof, look at where your house is. You can protect yourself by clearing brush back. More rock around the house and less combustible materials near the house really makes a big difference," Glancy said.

Morgan Aguilar contributed to this report.