DENVER - With March Madness on the minds of many, Mary Ann Craft decided it would only be fitting to let it be on the minds of her students at MSU Denver.

Craft teaches an introduction to statistics class. Craft readily admits that the subject matter can become dry. By having her students to a statistical analysis of player's heights in the NCAA Men's Tournament, her goal was to add relevance.

Using statistics to determine the average height of basketball players was always part of the teaching plan for the class. Craft simply took advantage of the timing of March Madness and the interest her students were likely to have in the subject. The statistical analysis was done on a sampling of player heights.

"I can actually take all of the basketball players in the March Madness and add up their heights and divide by how many there are. I can sample and how accurate my sample is, and what do I have to do to make sure my sample is accurate and representative," Craft said.

While the class will answer statistical questions about the players participating in March Madness, it won't answer the question everyone want to know.

"It is not going to tell you who's going to win the final four," Craft said.