SUMMIT COUNTY - The turnaround in snow totals for Colorado's high country has some ski areas pushing their closing dates back.

Behind the wheel of a pickup, powering a plow through some Summit County snow isn't exactly how senior property manager Brad Gunn normally spends his day. But Wednesday's storm was a little from the norm.

"It was supposed to be one inch and here we are with 4, 5, maybe 6 inches," Gunn said.

With more snow falling than predicted, Wildernest Property Management had to send everyone out to clear parking lots covered in powder.

"It's all hands on deck," Gunn said.

Over at Arapahoe Basin, employees and coo Alan Henceroth were saying the same thing.

"When it snows it's often all hands on Deck," Henceroth said.

So much so, the chief operating officer had to put on a bright yellow traffic vest and venture into the elements to help park cars.

"Today is one of those days," Henceroth said.

There have been a lot of those days lately, with the ski area getting around 10 feet of snow in two months.

"We had another great storm with six inches of new snow and that makes nearly 10 feet of snow in February and March," Henceroth said.

There is so much snow, skiers and snowboarders still have months in their season with A-Basin. It's set to close in June.

"We always think of ourselves as marathon runners and over the next few weeks pretty much everyone else will close, and we plan on staying open till June 2," Henceroth said.