KUSA - Talking about religion isn't always the easiest conversation. New York Times bestselling author Pastor Rob Bell is working to make that conversation easier by reconnecting religion with today's culture in his latest book.

In What Should We Talk About When We Talk About God, Bell writes about common religious misconceptions, which includes the belief of an impending apocalypse. Bell says that instead of worrying about a possible end of days, people should instead concentrate on current societal issues.

"We do have real suffering in the world right now and I believe as a person of faith that Jesus calls us to do something about this suffering," Bell said. "Instead of worrying about an apocalypse that we can't control, let's roll up our sleeves and do something about the very real pressing problems that are right in front of us right now."

Bell says lack of access to clean drinking water and a growing carbon footprint are among the current world issues.

What Should We Talk About When We Talk About God is available for purchase online.

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Editor's Note

Rose Heaphy contributed to this article.