DENVER - The Easter Bunny made a visit to the Food Bank of the Rockies Thursday to celebrate donated eggs by entertaining over 100 children and enjoying a free omelet breakfast with the families.

Colorado farmers donated a generous amount of eggs to local food banks for the Easter holiday. Farmers belonging to the Colorado Egg Producers Association want to ensure at risk families have eggs for Easter.

The CEP donated more than 335,000 eggs to food banks all over Colorado. More than 280,000 were given to Food Bank of the Rockies in Denver.

"Because of Easter right around the corner, we found it to be appropriate that eggs, being a high-quality, affordable protein, be in the mix just before Easter," CEP President Jerry Wilkins said.

Kids won many different prizes at Thursday's event, including two new bicycles.

This is the sixth year in a row that the CEP has teamed up with local food banks to feed people around the state. This partnership will serve more than 650,000 people who are at risk of hunger in Colorado.

The CEP said they were honored to team up with the Colorado food banks for this program.

By: Elle Mohs