DENVER (DP) - Colorado's under-construction plan for regulating recreational marijuana nearly came unglued Thursday, when lawmakers questioned whether the agency that would enforce the rules is up to the task.

The plan called for the state's Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division - which regulates medical-marijuana businesses - to transition to the Marijuana Enforcement Division and be in charge of all pot enterprises in the state. But a scathing audit released this week cast doubt on the division's fitness for handling the massive job. And it threw what was scheduled to be the final meeting of a legislative committee drafting a bill on recreational marijuana regulations into chaos.

"It's tough for me to vote to give them one ounce more of regulatory responsibility," Rep. Brian DelGrosso, R-Loveland, said at the meeting Thursday.

"If they couldn't handle the little piece they have now," DelGrosso said later, "there's no way we can trust them to handle more."

DelGrosso's comments at the start of the meeting - which were soon echoed by others on the committee - sent the Jenga stack of proposed rules teetering.

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