DENVER - President Barack Obama joined a round table discussion with gun stakeholders in Denver Wednesday to discuss the ramifications of three gun control bills recently signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

"Really what I want to do is listen and hear from all of you, having gone through the process here in Colorado, how you think we can best frame some of these issues," Obama said.

Among those in attendance were Hickenlooper; Attorney General Eric Holder; family and friends of victims in the Aurora movie theater and Columbine shootings; and representatives from the hunting industry.

Last month, Hickenlooper signed three gun bills into law: one that would limit magazines to 15 rounds of ammunition, another requiring universal background checks and one that charges gun customers for the cost of background checks.

The president and his aides are trying to push legislation through Congress that includes improved background checks for gun buyers, a renewed assault weapons ban and restrictions on the capacities of ammunition clips.

Obama called for tougher gun laws during a speech at the Denver Police Academy.

"It won't be easy; there are already some aspects to the package that appear to have some bipartisan support: anti-trafficking provisions, some school safety provisions," Obama said.

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn said Obama's gun control legislation won't garner support from his side of the aisle.

"If President Obama and Democrats want to push their extreme gun control agenda in Washington, they will face intense opposition," Lamborn said in a statement. "The Second Amendment is of great value to many Americans, including House Republicans and even some Democrats, and we intend to protect it."

During the round table, Obama also acknowledged that gun control wasn't the only factor in recent mass shootings.

"We recognize that tragedies like what happened in Aurora and Columbine and Newtown aren't just the result of guns," he said. "They're also the result of mental health challenges and cracks in the system."

Obama is expected to travel to Connecticut on Monday to laud the state's recent gun control legislation.