KUSA - Suspected murder Evan Ebel discussed harming guards and appears to ask an acquaintance to help him know who to harm, according to a letter obtained by 9Wants to Know Wednesday.

The Associated Press had previously reported on the letter. The letter was written to someone named Shawna. It appears she was behind bars, too.

"Don't tell me them guards are over there trying to put hands on you," he wrote in the 2006 letter. "If so make sure you commit their full names and whatever other personal information you can gleam (sic) from them such as location of residency to memory and we'll go ahead and add that to our long list of fun."

Read the letter (redacted)

Ebel also describes wanting to harm corrections officers at the prison where he was serving time.

He said he fantasized about "subjecting them to vicious torture and eventual murder."

At the end of the letter Ebel signed off with, "A God among men, Valhalla Bound, Big bad Evil Evan Ebel himself.

He used a swastika to make an exclamation mark.

Prison officials confiscated the letter and used it as an exhibit in the 2008 assault case where Ebel punched a corrections officer.