COLORADO SPRINGS - The mother of one of the two white supremacists wanted for violating parole following the death of Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements, has a message for her son.

"He needs to turn himself in," Debbie Eck, mother of Thomas Guolee told 9NEWS in an exclusive interview Thursday. "He's not doing himself any good."

Eck says she started raising Guolee's daughter when he went to prison. She still has custody.

Eck last heard from Guolee two weeks ago when a warrant was first issued for his arrest.

"He asked if he could see his daughter and then he would turn himself in," Eck said.

She agreed to his request but never heard from him again.

"I know he knows he will miss his daughter," Eck says. She hopes her son "does the right thing and turns himself in," she says, for her granddaughter's sake.

Eck told 9NEWS her granddaughter knew her daddy was "in time out" but does not know why he hasn't come for his regular visits in the past few weeks. Guolee is a parolee who served time for intimidating a witness and giving a pawnbroker false information, among other charges, court records show.

Eck says she knows nothing about her son's ties to the 211 Crew white supremacist prison gang.

Guolee's stepfather told 9NEWS they sent him to boot camps and counseling when he first came to live with them at age 12. He said nothing stopped Guolee from getting into trouble.